What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?

We start with a free consultation. Your first visit is mostly about gathering information. As a new patient, the initial exam involves:  Health history questionnaires, vital signs, and a thorough physical examination. The exam focuses on gait and posture analysis, ortho-neuro-musculoskeletal exams, movement assessment and range of motion. X-rays might be needed.  Then we offer a Report of Findings, with a chiropractic adjustment at the second visit. A variety of tailored chiropractic adjustment service packages are available including:

Chiropractic / Modalities / Kinesio Tape / Soft Tissue Mobilization - Cash Discount

New Patient Initial Exam:  $100  
Established Patient Re-exam:  $55
Single Office Visit:  $50
Laser Therapy: $25 or 10 visits for $200
Avazzia Microcurrent: $25 or 10 visits for $200

Prepaid Savings Plans:

     Number of visits       Discount       Cost of Package       Cost per visit

               6                    5%                    $285                          $47.50

               8                    6%                    $376                          $47.00

               10                  7%                    $465                          $46.50

               12                  10%                  $540                          $45.00

Prepaid plans are offered as a package.  They may be transferred to others, but are non-refundable and may not be converted to use for other products or services.  Prepaid packages expire after 12 months of no activity.

Worker's Compensation, No-Fault Insurance and Private (Commercial) Insurance companies all have their own fee schedules.

New Patient exam: $50
Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT): $45

DOT Physicals:  ​$100
Drug Screenings: $100

Sunday Appointments: $90

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation: Nutrition / Medicinal Herbs

Nutritional and Essential Oil Evaluation/Consultation:  $75
Follow up Evaluation/Consults:  $55

Detoxification / Weight Loss Program

Three Week Detoxification Program:  $269

The Detox/Weight Loss Kit includes:

- 2 SP Complete Shake Powder
- 2 Whole Food Fiber
- 1 SP Green Food
​- 1 SP Cleanse
- 1 Tuna Omega 3 Oil (or Flaxseed Oil for Vegans)

In addition you'll receive three check-in visits with Dr. Ferry while you are on the program.

Forms of Payment
Cash, Bankcards, and some forms of Insurance